Community Outreach Programs

Erase The Hate Program

It’s our mission to erase intolerance & hate and boost the self esteem of our community one tatto removal at a time. We are NOW offering to remove any hate, gang related, and racist tattoos for FREE!

Tattoo Removal for Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking Survivors:
We have partneresd with th Women’s Center & the Upper Peninsula Human Trafficking Task Force to provide complimentary laser tattoo removal of local agancies throughout the Upper Peninsula¬† & Lower Michigan to reach¬† survivors that could benefit from this service.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our outreach please call or text us at (906) 360-9774

Laser Hair Removal Outreach Program

Here at Glow we are passionate about improving the self esteem of members of our community. We already have several community outreach programs in place & this perfectly aligned with our mission to make our community better, one laser treatment at a time.

We recently learned of a transgender woman in our community who was turned away at a local hair removal business & it has inspired us to take action.

We NOW are offering scholarships for full face & neck laser hair removal to any transgender member of our community.

If you or anyone you know could beneift from from this program, please text or call us at (906) 360-9774





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